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In response to our client needs, we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that our website is accessible 24 Hours a day. All our site information is backed up by our website system.

We are continually working on procedures and policies that will help insulate our website from unforeseen difficulties or problems. These problems may occur due to unauthorised use of service, denial of service, hacking with intent to modify, delete or sabotage content.

The Jack Crick Wares Privacy Policy informs our customers of the information practices employed by Jack Crick Wares. This Privacy Policy discloses what personal information is collected, how it will be used, with whom the information will be shared, the choices available to consumers on collection, safeguards on protection of data and how it can be updated or corrected.

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The Jack Crick Wares website was designed and developed by The Bowery, an Australian Web Design & Development firm located in southern Sydney Australia. Should you have any questions about this process then please visit them online.

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If you have any questions in relation to privacy and/or our information handling practices, please feel free to Contact Us.