This shape is much-loved by our restaurant and cafe clients, who often use them to store cutlery. napkins and sauces. Perfect for adding a touch of nostalgia to the table.

The Darling Downs is a remarkable part of the world, and if you ever get a chance to experience it, then do. At times it seems there are many countries rolled into one, and maybe thats why we like it. A little of this and a little that, just like nanna's cooking or Jack Crick Wares creative concepts!

The Darling Downs is a bustling area, with hard work and creativity in spades. The ever-changing landscape and warm and friendly local community sets the backdrop for farmers toiling long hours despite driving heat and pouring rain.

Dimensions (cm):  H19 D30 L34

Note: Product texture, grain and print will vary on each and every product. This is because we create our product using natural dye and recycled/upcycled timber.

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